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Be Kind…Be Patient…And Smile

When I was diagnosed with lymphoma in November 2010, I made a promise—to myself, to G-d, to the universe. I vowed that if I were to make a complete recovery, I would never, ever, ever again sweat the small stuff, or be rattled by petty annoyances. I also pledged to use all my senses to experience life on a visceral level, rather than going through the motions in a preoccupied, disconnected state.

Bemused, Bewildered and A Little Bit Afraid

“Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.”
—Jennifer Yane

So…what the hell did happen? I am 63 years old, and each day it feels more and more as if someone changed the rules while I wasn’t paying attention. My friends and I discuss it, well, pretty much all the time. We are bemused, bewildered and, yes, a little bit afraid. The world feels as if it is constantly shifting under our feet and we just can’t seem to find our balance. We used to feel on top of the world. Now we feel irrelevant.